How To Approved Manual NBP Account Number for Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme

How To Approved Manual NBP Account Number
Assalam o Alaikum to everyone, In this post, will solve those internees problem which has no idea, how to get the stipend of Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme from NPB account number? Mostly internees could not be received their account number from National Bank of Pakistan by applying online through Monitoring web portal provided by National Internship Program for every selected Candidate.
80 %  candidates already got their stipend from previous month's but almost 20 % of candidates has problems of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)  account number. and so worried about their account number.
So just follow some below steps and get your account number with previous all Stipend. This is just not for Phase one and Phase two internees, it's also for 3rd batch internees.
But 3rd batch internees must read FAQ of  NIP before applying for NBP account number on their web portal.for Instruction how to use Monitoring web portal provided by NIP Please Click below link
How to Manage NIP Web Portal .After Set up your web portal and apply online NBP form through your web portal you received an SMS from NBP with your account number in 10 digits and also an email from NBP or NIP on your registered email. after this when you received SMS or an email of their account number, what should you do for next steps? Its means that,
How to activate NBP Account for Stipend? Now we can easy understand what should we do?
Maybe above words useful for new internees which have no idea that what is the next plan.
If someone has a problem about stipend and Account number and no info about account number then explore my website, search your problem and get your answers. Now those internees which were not received any account number just follow some easy steps.

How To Approved Manual NBP Account Number?

  1. First of all, go to nearest NBP Branch of their living Area.
  2. Request to the operator for opening new Current or Saving account number.
  3. The operator opened your account number as per your choice (Current or Saving)
  4. After that when you received your account number by manual applying, call the helpline for activating.
  5.  Helpline number is +92-021-111-627-627.
  6. When your account number is activated by NBP and ready to use, quickly inform to their Organization.
  7. Organization means those people which upload your monthly Assessment History or where you submit your  placement letter and monthly Attendance.
  8. Before this contact your Cluster Incharge.
  9. Tell him to about your account number.
  10. If anyone won't be able to contact your cluster incharge, then contact to your organization through its meet your cluster Incharge with all document and tell him your account problem.
  11. Submit your account number directly to cluster incharge, He will be solved your problem and also forward your all previous monthly stipend on your account number.
  12. Final steps thanks, Allah Almighty, and all staff of PMYTS NBP and NIP.
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