Final Date of Pending Stipend of NIP Interns

Assalam o Alaikum to all friends and all Interns of PMYTS (NIP). I hope all of you will be good health and wealthy. Many candidates of the internship were called me for info about pending stipend of last two, three or one month, but due to Election 2018 cause of stop stipend. Now for the time being the effort of chairpersonĀ  Prime ministers youth training scheme finally solved this issue.
But the problem is that some of the interns misbehave and using bad language against all members of PMYTS or NIP. So kindly never use bad language or show bad characters to everyone, because of every intern lovely for PMYTS.

Final Date of Pending Stipend of  NIP Interns

Who gets the Stipend?
This is an important point for getting a stipend from NIP, mostly candidates think that they are eligible or not for the stipend? because some of the candidate's assessments score is below than 3.0 Score these interns think about their stipend. Due to Program Policies, those candidates which have assessments score is above 3.0 are eligible for the stipend. But don't worry because maybe the team or chairperson of National Internship Program announced all the Interns of the scheme will get their all pending stipend of previous month's.

NBP Account Problem
Many of candidates said to me that, they have in trouble, suddenly their National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Accounts will block or not working. for blocked or closed accounts my suggestion is that go to the nearest NBP Branch or Main Branch for this reason and solution. some accounts closed or blocked due to BioMetric verification. So candidates or interns must visit the nearest branch. for further info call helpline of NBP or contact to their branch manager.

Final Date of Stipend Disbursement to all Inters account is 12-03-2019.
Please check your account balance by typing in write messageĀ  NBP Bal account Number and send to 9060.
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