Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme Questions About Internship for 2018 Batch 4

Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme Questions About Internship

These Questions Will Be Made More Better Internship For Whole Year

Note: Read Carefully

1.      What is the selection criteria of PMYTS? Is it first come first serve basis?
The selection of interns for PMYTS is purely based on merit.  Basic parameters of the scheme are as under:
·      Education: 16 years HEC recognized degree or equivalent/diploma of 3 years after Matric/F.Sc or Wafaq-ul-Madarisqualified candidates.
·      Age Group: The age limit is up to 25 years.
·      Nationality: Pakistani National.
·      Minimum Percentage: 50% or 2.5 CGPA of marks in final degree / diploma will be the minimum threshold for selection of interns.
·      Gender: There will be no gender discrimination Female candidates will be encouraged to apply.
·      Special Criteria: Must not have availed the Training Program under any Government Youth Training Program /Scheme.
·      Employability Status: Must not be employed in any government or private organization.
·      Student Status: Must not be a full-time student of any public or private institution
·      Special Quota: The Quota for Special/Disabled applicants is 1 %.

2.      Who will be responsible for intern account opening?
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is responsible for bank account opening of each intern, after receiving their data from M/o Inter Provincial Coordination (National Internship Programme).

3.      What will be the bank account status after 12 months?
The Bank account of interns will automatically be closed after the withdrawal of the last month (12th) stipend under PMYTS.

4.      What is the disqualification criteria of the intern?
An intern will be disqualified from PMYTS on the following grounds:
·         Short attendance
·         Complaints by the respective employer or intern-monitors.
·         False information given in the application form.
·         Existing full-time employee of any other organization.
·         Full-time student of any university or institute.
·         Lack of compliance with the rules of PMYTS.

5.      What will be the process of getting the completion certificate?
After successful completion of the 12-months internship period, the interns will be given Internship Completion Certificate by the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme/Ministry of IPC on the recommendation of employers/cluster in charges concerned.
6.      What are the requisite approvals required to change the employer organizations?
The intern must get an NOC from his/her intended employer and recommendations of the respective cluster In-charge, who will actualize his/her transfer via online monitoring portal.

7.      Can the employers have access to Employers Kit? Where can it be found?
Yes, the employers can access the “Employers Kit”, by logging into the account on the web portal through their ID and passwords.
8.      What is the qualification criteria for employer organization?
The employer organization must fulfill the following qualification criteria:
·         Register with SECP for Private Sector, or government sector department/institute/organization for the public sector.
·         Active Tax Payer.

9.      What is the disqualification criteria for employer organization?
The employer organization will be disqualified if:
·         Demand is not as per intern applicants.
·         Interns are not trained in the organizations.
·         Constant complaints by interns and monitoring teams.
·         Lack of compliance with the rules of PMYTS made by M/o IPC (NIP).

10.  How will the interns be replaced if the intern withdraws after the first three months of the internship period?
After the first three months of the internship period, the interns will not be replaced.

11.  What if an intern gets an employment opportunity at any other organization during the internship period and wants to take that opportunity?
Continuing internship is the sole discretion of the intern. However, if he/she wants to quit, the intern must give a one month notice to the employer and respective Cluster In-charge. If the one month notice is not given then the salary of the last month will not be paid to the intern.

12.  What documents should the intern submit to complete the enrollment process into PMYTS?
The interns are required to submit the following documents to complete the internship enrollment process:
·         Online Application Form
·         Joining approval by employer via PMYTS Web Portal
·         Contract of Internship signed and stamped by the employer
·         Set of attested copies of educational documents
·         Copy of CNIC
·         Two Passport Size Photographs
·         Submission of bank account form submitted via online portal

13.  What will be the complaint routing mechanism for complaints submitted via the complaint helpline?
Complaints related to the web portal developed by Ufone will be resolved by the Ufone team, while the complaints related to the scheme must be forwarded to the respective Cluster In-Charge through the system for resolution.

14.  What is Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme?
Prime Ministers Youth Training Scheme (PMYTS) is a component of Prime Minister’s Youth Program. Under PMYTS internships are offered to 50,000 unemployed educated (having either 16 years education or 3 years diploma after Matric/F.SC or Qualification from Wafaq-ul-Madaris) youth with maximum age up to 25 years. The internship is with public and private organizations for a period of 1 year wherein a stipend of Rs. 12,000 per month will be paid under Prime Minister Youth Program.

15.  How can internships under PMYTS help youth?
The internship will provide on the job training through enhancing knowledge and developing skills of unemployed educated youth having degree/diploma according to their aptitude.
This internship will strengthen the professional skills/interpersonal relationships and enhance the capacity of educated youth in professional settings to provide more opportunities of employability.The learning through internship experience based on the qualification which relates to the work will provide confidence and ability to educated youth to apply it in their career areas.
The internships will also improve the employability of educated youth for optimal efficacy on the sustainable basis, along with relevant experience which will provide better motivated and skilled human resource to organizations.

16.  How can Internships under PMYTS help employer organizations?
The employer organizations will be able to get highly educated young, energetic and capable human resource for a period of one year, while the monthly stipend of the interns will also be paid by Government of Pakistan under Prime Minister’s Youth Program. This will help the public and private sector organizations place the interns in areas where expansion is imminent and also fill in the gaps in the existing organizational structure at zero cost in these hard economic times.
One of the most significant advantages of the Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme is the opportunity to develop your future talent. You have the opportunity to evaluate and screen potential employees prior to making a fulltime position offer, which leads to financial savings and skills development according to your needs.

17.  Is the internship under PMYTS an employment offer?
The Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme is in no way an offer (immediately or subsequently) of a job. It is a placement, which will automatically terminate after twelve months and as such must not be construed as granting any right of absorption or job with the concerned organization.

18.  Will the interns be offered completion certificate?
All interns successfully completing the internship will be awarded internship completion certificate by the host organization and M/O IPC (National Internship Program).

19.  Will the interns be awarded a certificate if the 12 month period is not completed?
The interns will not be awarded any certificate of the internship if it is discontinued at any time before the 12 month completion period.

20.  How will the stipend be paid to the interns?
The interns will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs, 12,000 which will be directly transferred to their accounts through the branches of National Bank of Pakistan. The interns will be able to withdraw their stipend amount through the ATM Card issued under the scheme from any 1-Link ATM Machine.

21.  What is the intern allocation quota across Pakistan under Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme?
The allocation of interns for PMYTS is made in accordance with the NFC award criteria for provincial/regional quotas, which is as under:

22.  How is the qualification of Interns verified?
The qualification of applicants having 16 years educational degrees  were verified by Higher Education Commission, while the Diplomas of the applicant were verified by the respective Technical Education Boards.

23.  How is the age and domicile of interns verified?
The age and domicile of interns are verified by NADRA.

24.  How is the placement of interns done in various organizations?
The placement of interns is done by matching their qualification, interest and location request with the demand generated by the employer organizations via online matching database software.

25.  Can the employer organization for intern be changed?
The employer organization of intern can only be changed in the first month of internship under very genuine reason and emergency circumstances via requisite approvals.

26.  Can the organizations hire the interns after the completion of internship period?
The organizations are encouraged to hire the interns after the completion of the internship period and communicate the list of hired interns to M/o IPC (NIP) for record keeping.

27.  What will be the common source of communication between interns and M/o IPC (NIP)?
Apart from the direct SMS and Complaint Management Center, the Employer Organizations is the key component of the scheme employers you will be the primary communication medium between all the stakeholders. M/o IPC will be relying on employer organizations to ensure successful communication with the interns.

28.  What major role will employer organization play in the Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme?
The Employer Organizations (Public and Private Sector) are the primary stakeholders of the scheme as they will be responsible for the skills enhancement, well-being, monitoring and development of the interns.
The Employer Organizations will share the responsibility for the successful impact of the scheme as taking the maximum out of the interns is the key to success and assigning interns to areas that may need a full-time employee in the near future, by using the internship to “test the waters” with candidates that might be hired.

29.  How the interns be assigned any specific task in the organization by the employer organization?
The employer organization must assign specific roles and responsibilities to the interns under PMYTS rather than leaving them confused. The details of designing the internship program and assigning roles and responsibilities to the interns can be found in Section 2 of the Employers Kit under heading “Mode of Internship”.

30.  How will the employer organization manage the intern?
The employer organization will manage the intern by:
·         Orient your intern to his or her new workplace
·         Assign Roles and Responsibilities to the intern through formal Job Description
·         Give your intern the resources he or she needs to do the job
·         Monitor and Evaluate the intern’s progress every month
·         Resolve any issue that arises internally within the organization

31.  Are Interns and Employer Organization supposed to assist the monitoring team of Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme?
The Interns and Employer organization must assist the monitors of the scheme to the fullest to help them do their job of monitoring and ensure the successful implementation of the scheme seamless.

32.  How will the employer organization be assisted if the Intern is disqualified or withdraw from PMYTS?
If the Intern is disqualified or withdraws from the Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme, another intern will be placed in accordance with the matching criteria of that particular employer organization for the first three months of the internship duration only. After 3 months of the internship period of the scheme, no replacement will be made, hence it is the responsibility of employer organization to manage the retention of their interns.

33.  What if an Employer is disqualified or withdraws from PMYTS?
If the employer organization is disqualified or withdraws from the Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme the interns will be placed in the additional demand generated from employers as per the criteria of the interns placed in that particular organization.

34.  What are the attendance parameters for the interns under the PMYTS?
Max Limit
Final Action
6 Leaves/ Month
Warning will be issued for Monthly non-compliance
3rd  warning will result in termination of internship
15 Leaves/ Quarter
Warning will be issued for Quarterly non-compliance
2nd warning will result in termination of internship

35.  What will be the working hours and working days of the interns in the scheme?
The working hours and working days of the interns will be as per the employer organization policy and rules.

36.  If there are any issues between the intern and employer organization what is the appropriate medium for resolution?
In the case of any issue between intern and employer organization, it will be appropriate to resolve the issues internally via Human Resource or Admin Department. If the issues are not resolved then either party can communicate their respective Monitors and Cluster In-Charge for conflict resolution.

37.  Intern has received the ATM card for Stipend Withdrawal from National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) but, it’s not working. How can this be resolved?
NBP ATM Card needs to be activated through its respective branch after receiving it.

38.  How will Inter receive the NBP ATM Card and the PIN?
ATM Card will be delivered to NBP Branch nearest to the intern address mentioned in ATM Card Registration Form and PIN will also be collected from a respective branch by an intern after duly filling acknowledgment form dispatched with ATM card.

39.  Who is the intern to contact in case of query related to the ATM Card?
The intern is directed to contact Card Management Unit (CMU) of National Bank of Pakistan for ATM Card related queries on 021-9921200.

40.  The intern has lost ATM card, what shall the intern do?
In case an intern loses his/her NBP ATM Card or his/her NBP ATM Card is stolen, the intern is advised to immediately inform it to their respective branch or Card Management Unit (CMU).

41.  Intern NBP Asaan Account is debited while the cash is not dispensed. Why?
Due to communication/ power failure, effective completion of a transaction is halted and the cash dispensing might not work properly. Therefore, to solve these complaints it is requested to the intern to contact its original NBP Branch and provide written complaint to the branch for earlier settlement of the case.

42.  Can the intern credit any cash in the PMYTS NBP Aasan Account other than the stipend from the internship?
No, the NBP Aasan Account for the scheme cannot be used for any other purpose than stipend withdrawal from the scheme.

43.  Can the intern be offered performance-based salary increment by the employer during the internship period of the scheme?
Yes, the employer is entitled to offer additional salary amount during the internship on their own accord from their own finances, based on the intern’s performance.

44.  When and how should Employer Organization submit the monitoring report?
The Employer Organization should submit its monitoring report before 23rd of every month through the online monitoring portal, details of which are already communicated via email.

45.  When and how should Intern submit the self-assessment report?
The Intern should submit its monitoring report before 23rd of every month through the online monitoring portal, details of which are already communicated via email and SMS.

46.  Can the internship period be increased from 12 months?
No, the internship period cannot be extended from 12 months, nor can the intern beneficiaries of this phase of PMYTS participate in the next phase of PMYTS.

47.  What is the primary reporting authority for the interns?
The primary reporting authority for the interns is their respective employer organization.

48.  Can the employer organization which has demanded interns in the first phase of PMYTS also demand interns for the next phase of PMYTS?
Yes, the employer organizations are encouraged to demand interns in the next phase of PMYTS.

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