What is the Black Hole?

A black hole is a region of space where there is so much matter that nothing can escape due to the gravity of that matter.

We know that things made of matter have nothing and that things with mass have some gravity.

What is the Black Hole?

Now there is so much in the black hole that due to the intensity of this meter, the gravity of the black hole becomes so much that if it comes to rest, it will take the power of Samo within itself.

Now the question is, did we find the black hole?

Since the first image of the black hole was published by the Event Horizon Telescope in 2019, different telescopes can give us different photos.

Astronomical bodies around a black hole, when the black hole impacts it, emit medical readings that allow us to detect planets of different sizes and sizes of the black hole.

The center of a black hole cannot be reached, but there is a black boundary around it called the EVENT HORIZON. This is the point where something moves towards the singularity point.

Now, what is singularity?

A singularity is, in simple terms, a point of zero volume with infinite density For the example of singularity, if we compress a star ten times larger than the Sun into a radius of a few hundred kilometers, it will be obvious that its gravity will be much higher.

According to Einstein, when a star completes its life, its remnants contain a core that is larger in size than the star and denser in density.

What would happen if we replaced the sun with a black hole in our solar system?

It wouldn't take much to completely cover its land in ice, but our sun isn't big enough for a black hole of its size to contain all the plants.

Bullholes' main duals are brilliant and powerful Stellar black holes are usually surrounded by various gases, while supermassive black holes can be surrounded by gases ranging from dust to asteroids.


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