Fact About Homeopathy and Science

A homeopath is telling people that the less evidence that homeopathy is true, the more true homeopathy's claims are. Like the principle of homeopathy, "the more you dilute the homeopathy prescription, the more its potency will increase. That is, if you dissolve sugar in a glass, the water will become sweeter, but as you add more As water is added, the solution will become sweeter instead of less sweet, obviously not true, but homeopathy is built on such false premises.

Fact About Homeopathy and Science

In different parts of the world, including our country, homeopathy is considered a method of treatment or considered a part of medical science. However, science has disproved the methods and claims of homeopathy.

This is not my personal claim, but the results of hundreds of scientific research. Now take this example, where the National Health and Medical Research Center (NHMRC) of Australia concluded from 1800 scientific studies that homeopathy does not work as a treatment method. Here is the link


But then why do some patients get better with homeopathy or why do they feel better? The reason for this is the "placebo effect".

It is a common observation that if you think positively, the system of the body stays healthy - negative thoughts, tension, and unnecessary worries disrupt the system of the body and lead to diseases like blood pressure, ulcers, and heart diseases. Risk increases—that is, the way you think affects your body's performance—a consequence of this is that if a patient is prescribed an ineffective drug (eg, a sweet pill, a red syrup). but if he is made to believe that it is the best medicine in the world and a good cure for his disease, then there is a high probability that he will begin to feel better after taking the medicine - this phenomenon is called the Placebo Effect- Sometimes this placebo effect is so powerful that the effect of the fake drug on the patient is similar to the actual drug. Experiments have also shown that the placebo effect can affect children and animals.

"Double-blind studies" work to establish the effectiveness of a treatment, or say homeopathy.

If the study is being conducted on 100 patients to determine the effect of the drug, then 50 of them are randomly selected to receive the original drug and 50 to receive a placebo, i.e. fake drug - this placebo drug is exactly as seen. It is the same as the original medicine, but it does not contain the chemicals whose effects on the disease are intended to be studied - in addition, the placebo is kept as sterile as possible from all kinds of chemicals so that it is physically Placebo has no effect - patients are not told whether they are being given the real drug or a fake drug - such a study is called a blind study - thus the study of the effects of the drug on these patients can be determined. How much the symptoms of the disease improved in patients taking the original drug and whether there was any difference in the condition of the disease in the patients taking the placebo - it is clear from thousands of studies that the placebo Some medicated patients even get better even though they are not being given the actual medication - this is because they believe they are being given the correct medication. Yes - Sometimes even the staff involved in the research are not told the difference between the two drugs before the end of the experiment. Such studies are called double-blind studies. Today, double-blind studies are the definitive way to test any drug.

Such studies are very effective in disproving the claims of homeopathy. But still, people believe in homeopathy, because in our country it is quite difficult to get a medical doctor's degree, while a homeopathy course is not too difficult, also people like pseudo-science more than science. People are scared of homeopathy just because of their personal experiences. But science does not rate homeopathy more than placebo.


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