A few years from now, what will the world be like?

How will this world where we live in a few years?

Friends, when you think about the future, you think about 50 years or 100 years at most. Have you ever thought about how this earth of ours will be after millions of billions of years? If not, let us know.

A few years from now, what will the world be like?

After 8 thousand years from today, i.e. in 10 thousand, it is possible that the racial difference between humans will disappear, the result of which will be that people around the world will look almost the same. It will be the same because science will advance so much that parents will have their future children genetically engineered in a laboratory, making it likely that everyone will want their child to be physically fit. Fit and conform to global standards, it is likely that in the next 10,000 years there will be no difference in hair color between humans because there will have been a standard that almost everyone would want their child to see.

Year 20000

Another big change will come here and that will be the change of our languages, that is, none of our existing languages will remain, if they exist, only to the extent of one percent, that too in the form of a few words. Now the languages are mixing internationally and it is expected that the same language will be spoken in the year 20000

Year 50 thousand

In the year 50 thousand, this world will be cold and the ice age will start again in the world. There has been a time on our earth 5 times before when there was only snow on it. It has been a thousand years ago, which has continued for several thousand years after that. This will be the time when the second largest waterfall in the world, Niagara Falls, which is located in Canada, will disappear in the Lake Erie of North America. The major change in time will be that our day will be one second longer than it is today

Year 60 thousand

In this period, it is possible that the mountain ranges of America and Canada will be completely destroyed and many islands of Hawaii will also go under water. This will happen because the tectonic plates are moving under the earth, after that there will be a time when 7 continents will not remain on our earth, only a big piece of land will remain in the middle of the ocean. But after a few million years it will break again and many islands and continents will be formed.

70 lakhs per annum

During this period, there will be a big Gamarez explosion. This explosion happens once in 500 thousand years. If it hits the earth at that time, the earth will be very damaged. After that, our moon will also be far away from the earth. There will be no possibility

During this period, the Earth's temperature will increase due to the increased sunlight, so much so that the movement of the plates on the Earth will stop, due to which the chemical reaction between the rocks and the atmospheric carbon dioxide will be very fast. This will deplete the air of carbon dioxide and plants will not be able to make their own food and release oxygen, which is vital for human life, and every thing like plant and animals will be die.

A billion years

During this period, the average temperature of the sun will increase by 10 times and the average temperature of the earth will be 47 degrees, which will evaporate the water of our oceans and leave our earth uninhabitable due to extreme heat water and oxygen. will

5 billion a year

During this period, the Sun will become so large that it will come closer to the Earth's orbit

750 billion a year

In this period, the sun will become so big that it will spread to the earth and destroy the earth.


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