PTA Launched Online Complaint Service for Theft Of Mobile Phone

 PTA has launched an online complaint service in case of theft of mobile phone. With this facility, mobile phone can be blocked by applying online to PTA and if mobile phone is found, it can be blocked online.  Will also be done.

 The PTA recommends that in case of mobile phone theft or loss, fill up the online form on the website.  In this case, your phone will be blocked within 24 hours. With this facility, there will be no need to go to the police station and make an FIR.

 Director PTA Khurram Mehran said that earlier customers had to call the helpline either by filling up the form and e-mailing or by calling CPLC Karachi number but now the automated system has made this task easier.  have done.

 He said that when the applicants file a complaint, they will receive an SMS.  After that, when all the steps are completed, a confirmation message will be sent to the number given stating that your complaint has been received.

 In case of a lost or stolen phone, by clicking on the Unblock option on this online form, the mobile can be reused within just 24 hours


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