What is a Relationship Between Girls and Boys Facebook Friend True Story in United State

Today we are discussing about love & Relations between a girl and Boy. My friend name is David, he lives in America. Yesterday, he told me his story about love & relationship. David want relationship with a girl she also live in USA (United State of America).

What is a Relationship Between Girls and Boys Facebook Friend True Story in United State

How to be a truthful and got success in relationship?

Note: we notify that we will not harm any social network. our key is just give moral to the people.
we are starting our topic using Facebook or any kind of other social network like Instagram and Twitter. So it is a example the two friends are meet on Facebook.
For  example my Friend David and Natalia. Natalia is not my friend before her relationship with David.but now she is a good friend. So I start story of David and Natalia.

David  think one day why do i have not any girlfriend. He also told me what should I do? Because David want a true relationship. but I have no Idea and Also not trust on Facebook  relationship that time. With the time being, one day, he saw a beautiful girl comes to his store.
First of all I tell you about David has a multi things on store and its behind work as a Property dealer.
after comes to the store, she asks to David about juice. David looked the girl and  ask about her.

After  a minute she told to David about yourself. My name is Natalia and I am from USA. But I'm so stress, because I want a house on rent. Natalia says, he live in another state of USA, she comes here for study. I'm so worried about on house. She said to me, can you help me? when David listen her words for help, he shocked and that time watch a dream with her. then she says again Hi Sir, can you help me? But David think about he. He does not know that time, what he says?
but the girl her name Natalia turn back. David suddenly says to her, yes I will help you. Natalia show smiles that time and leave the store.
Time passed But she never came to his store again. David always think about her and find every where. But she did not get her anywhere. Then he thought he would find it on social media. David search name Natalia on all social media like, Instagram, Snap chat, Google Plus. Twitter and also on Facebook.

After some days struggle he find the Natalia on Facebook with beautiful profile picture. David very happy to see again Natalia on Facebook. He decide, he will be send friend request to Natalia.
But he was also scared. what she think about me? Somewhere She does not understand me wrong. but David send a friend request to Natalia on Facebook. and still waiting that time  for her response.

He just added her. He is waiting too much for confirm his request response. But She did not any answer to David. Then he thought that why not i send a message to her.
He just sent her a massage. And remember that I am David, we met with  on my store already.
but she don't reply to David, and David loose the hope, and turn off the Facebook.

After some days David open again Facebook. David is too much excited When he saw the Natalia message. who are you? and on which store we already met? David remind, you came to my store and you asked me a juice.

Natalia said, how are you? and how's your work?
David totally shocked because he to much happy now, Her hard work was found. He did not understand what he would answer. Then some courage created and said, that too is fine and the work is also good. Natalia said, "Why are you asking me some questions? or why you contacting me? "
David says he said, he want to be friend with you. Then they ask some question for introduction to each other.

After days and weeks, they become closely friend. So one day David thought it's a time to tell her, that i am in love with her. So he decide to tell her with clean words.
He type a sms,
Dear Natalia, I want to say something special to you?
Natalia says? Yes tell me David, what's special today??
David says, Natalia I am in love with you.

David think, she also love so much, but its behind when Natalia read that sms, she shocked and told his we are just thought as a good friend. i wont a relation with you. That time she angry with David, but for a short time. After that David thought I maybe a wrong person, that he proposed very quickly before the exact time. He blames yourself and also time.He decided to say sorry. then they keep calm.

David think Girls want care girls want respect girl want that boy which give a lot of love to her, that after nobody can do that. then he decided to chat with her regularly like before did. he starting to take care of her. he just surprise her everyday. but notice that she did not in his love. One day they decided to meet each other on real life. and they met in a hotel.

There they make some enjoyable moment to each other. They were very happy to see again.
David just judge the Natalia. and he feel that, she is serious with his in this relation. After few days they regularly meet on a place. Then David again thought it maybe a great an idea to propose her for a true relationship. and this time Natalia already feel that, the time she spend with his its absolutely great. and if I say yes" it  might be great for both. Now both in husband and wife relationship and they fully enjoy their life because depend each other on truth. they love also those who

If your love is based on truthiness then everything is possible.

Now both in husband and wife relationship and they fully enjoy their life because depend each other on truth.They love so much now and very happy with this relation.
another thing. Think that when Natalia heat up that time, if David did a mistake what do u think guys? I think it was be a over.
But David prove that relationship is not a game to play anyone and any time. Both of David and Natalia give us a good morel about Love, respect and relations.

So we have also moral, that we should need to stay calm, never loose hope and think deep more in relation. How to be get success in relations.
If we did not feel her/his feeling, situations and condition we can't do anything. Because girl always wants truthiness, love and care and want that man serious about relationship.
Relationship is not a game we saw many of people say that on Facebook or any social network like Twitter or Instagram etc. they cant find a true love. because maybe they did bad or they did little mistake or they cant keep calm.

So stop doing blame on Facebook or any other social media. Be first change yourself. And be truthful in relationship and Respect the all those who contacted or not. Boys respect the girls, and girls respect too all the boys and  also try to realize that the boy/girl who is truthful and respect you and he/she serious about you.

In last I hope you will like this topic. If someone have any suggestion please comment on post.
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