Free Books Download For Civil Electrical Electronics Mechanical Computer Engineering test For PTS NTS PPSC OTS

Free Books Download For Civil Electrical Electronics Mechanical Computer Engineering

Assalam o Alaikum to all Friends. It's like, you know, have to test to get a job. but friends have no idea, how can got good marks in their relevant test provided by NTS, PTS,  PPSC and OTS
So I decide to upload useful content for all candidates which are want to get a good job. I have some Books related to Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Engineering I hope these books useful for you. Nowadays PWD test for Civil Engineering date announce next few days,  and all selected candidates want to get this job. These books almost help to appear in the test with the highest chance to get the job.

Here is some demo Questions wrote in a Separate category. Books download links below every demo Question. Very easy to download below links just single click on download text or button. Let's start.
The first demo related to General Knowledge Questions.

Civil Questions Demo Full Book Link below

1.     Leveling staff  length is generally
a.    10ft
b.    12ft
c.    14ft
2.     If  n is the number of sides of a closed traverse then the sum of its internal angles will be
a.    (n+2)90
b.    (2n+4)90
c.    (2n-4)90
d.    (2n+6)90
3.     Hook take extra length of steel bar as
a.    4 d
b.    6 d
c.    9 d 
d.    12 d
4.    Contour lines cross ridge lines or valley lines at
a.     Right angles
b.    Obtuse angles
c.     Acute angles
d.    None of above
5.    The maximum value of slump of concrete used in pre-stressing is
a.    2-inch
b.    350
c.    250
d.   200
6      The Specific gravity of portland cement is
a.     01
b.    2.4
c.     3.7
d.    4.5
7.      The best check of the quality of concrete is
a.     Density
b.    Workability
c.     Crushing Strenght
d.    Impermeability
8.     Without crushing the sample or structure, the method of testing is
a.     Flexural test
b.    Le Chatelier test
c.     Briquette test
d.    Smith rebound hammer test
9.     Exact area of an irregular figure is calculated by:
                  a.    Mid -ordinate rule
b.    Trapezoidal rule
c.    Simpson's rule
d.    None of above
10    Foot of a ladder is 3m from a 4 m high wall, the length of the ladder is
a.    Three
b.    Four
c.    Five
d.    Six

Download Civil Test for PWD books

Books for Electrical Engineering Test Demo Questions and Full Book:

1.     The volume of copper required for an AC transmission line is inversely proportional to
a.     current
b.    voltage
c.     power factor
d.    both b & c
2.     The longest time between separation of the melting element and the faultless interruption of the failure current through the fuse-switch is called
a.     Switching time
b.    Arc quenching time
c.     Breaking time
d.    Arc extinguishing time
3.     In planning the electrical system of a building, it is most important to include a ground fault circuit interrupter in any area that has:
a.     sink or faucet
b.    an electric generator
c.     magnetic recording media
d.    a ventilation hood
4.     The arc in high voltage circuit breakers is formed due to
a.     Heating of contacts
b.    The inductance of load
c.     Ionization of gas around contacts
d.    Capacitance of connected cables
5.     The value of zero sequences current in a single-phase voltage system is equal to
a.     Half the voltage amplitude
b.    3/4 of the voltage amplitude
c.     The full voltage amplitude
d.    Cannot be determined without additional information
6.     Conductors for high voltage transmission lines are suspended from towers
a.     To reduce clearance from ground
b.    To increase clearance from ground
c.     To reduce wind and snow loads
d.    To care of extension in length during summer
7.     When alternating current passes through a conductor
a.     It remains uniformly distributed throughout the section of conductor
b.    A portion of the conductor near the surface carries more current as compared to the core
c.     A portion of the conductor near the surface carries less current as compared to core
d.    Entire current passes through the core of the conductor
8.     The Skin effect of a conductor will reduce as the
a.     Diameter increases
b.    Frequency increases
c.     The permeability of conductor material increases
d.    Resistivity of conductor materials decrease
9.     In overhead transmission lines, the effect of capacitance can be neglected when the length of the line is
a.     200 km
b.    160 km
c.     100 km
d.    80 km
10.  The surge impedance of overhead lines is taken as
a.     10 – 20 Ohms
b.    50 – 60 Ohms
c.     100 – 200 Ohms
d.    1000 –  2000 Ohms

Get this book here just click on download 

General Questions Demo

1.    Which or the following Trophies/Cups is associated mill the game of golf?
a.     Iran Cup
b.    Padmzwati Trophy
c.     V. C. Gupta Trophy
d.    Topolino Trophy 

2.    Which of the following is an antibiotic?
a.    Aspirin
b.   Paracetamol
c.    Penicillin
d.    Sulphadiazine 
3.    The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. It is shaped approximately like
a.     A round ball
b.    A Doughnut
c.     A Pretzel
d.    A flat Spiral
4.    First Asian Woman Lord Mayor of Britain:
a.     Reshma Shah
b.    Anju Sood
c.     Kama Sahm

d.    Sushma Seth
5.    which Olympic the first Olympic Torch as lighted?
a.     Mexico
b.    Amsterdam
c.     USA

d.    Germany 

Download Free book here


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