PMYTS National Bank of Pakistan Assan Account Information and Replacement Internees Account

PMYTS National Bank of Pakistan Assan Account Information and Replacement Internees Account

National Bank of Pakistan

Opening of Bank Account for Beneficiaries of Prime Minister Youth Training Scheme

The Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination (M/o. IPC), Government of Pakistan has
Awarded NBP a mandate for disbursing monthly stipend to students enrolled under the
National Internship Programme (NIP). Prime Minister Youth Training Scheme (PMYTS). An
Approximately 50,000 students per year are going to be enrolled for the PMYTS who shall
receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 12.000!- per month for one year, through opening of Bank.
Account with NBP.
For the very purpose of ensuring opening of accounts and payment of stipends to the
Internees enrolled under the given programs, the Bank has decided to open Asaan Accounts
Remotely at Head Office where branches concerned shall only be required to carry out a
Limited set of activities to get these accounts operational I active; after completion of account
Opening requirements at their end. The project incoming opening of bulk accounts and later
Disbursement of stipend on monthly basis through credit to those accounts shall be executed
And monitored by Payment Services & e-Banking Division, Commercial & Retail Banking
The procedure the Bank has prescribed for opening of accounts of beneficiary under Prime
Minister Youth Training Scheme (PMYTS) and payment of stipend amount on monthly basis.
¡s prescribed as below;


1.   Under this program, NBP will centrally opened Current (single or Individual) Asaan
      Accounts of beneficiaries L ¡e. students I internees J on the basis of formal request
     and data received from M/o IPC. NIP.
2.  The centralized Account opening of Asaan Account will be administered by the
     Support Team at Payment Services & e-Banking Division
3.  To segregate them from rest of the Asaan Accounts, the same will carry separate
      Product code and business type. ‘
4.  As per agreement, M/o. IPC will provide NADRA Verified Students Internees’ data
      in an excel file format with a Letter of Authorization to PMYTS Support team.
5.   PMYTS Support learn will review / scrutinize the received data, allocate I assign map
      NBP Branch code where Asaan accounts will be parked (after centralized opening).
      A data file containing all required data shall then be shared with forward to NBP IT
      Division for processing.
6.   NBP IT Division will process the file through a Bulk Account Opening Module
      developed at their end and as a result of same, Asaan Accounts will be opened with
      a non-operative (provisional) state, at branches with zero balance. Hence,
      Aasari accounts al this stage, will be able to receive multiple credit entries but can’t
     process debit transaction unless accounts are activated by respective branches.
7.   A log report for unsuccessful cases shall be separately produced, for onward sharing with
       M/o IPC by PMYTS  Support.
 8.  All terms & conditions applicable on usual Aassn Account and also applicable on
      Asaan Accounts opened through IT Division
 9.  As  per existing  process request for cheque book is processed by branch after
       verification of address and mobile number by call center, whereas for PMYTS no call
      center verification is required and system will automatically generate request for
       issuance of (25 x leaves) cheque books against each successfully opened Account
      directly to the printer and as per routine. Printed cheque books will be couriered by
      printed to respective  branches, for their onward delivery to Assan Account holders.
10.  NBP ITD will share the Asaan Account Opening Log with PMYTS Support team of
       PS & a-banking  to onward sharing with M/o IPC.
11. PMYTS Support   team  of Payment Services & e-Banking  Division will advise
        concerned branches through email, about  Aasan accounts open at their end.
12.   PMYTS Support team of Payment Services IL e-Banking Division will confirm openmg
        of Asaan Account Account Numbers along with Branch Code to M/o IPC through
 13. M/o  IPC wp mobilize the students/ internees to visit his/her assigned/allocated
        branch for completion of all account opening requirements and cheque book
        collect.  This also includes Biometric verification. NADRA Verisys subversion of
        required documents, Specimen Signature Card and singing of Account Opening
        Form (to be printed at Branch's end), chequa book requisition slip etc The Student
        Internee to produce his program~ enrolment card/Student ID Card /card certificate to meet
        the source of fund condition.
  14. A Studant / Internee require visiting respective NBP Branch with his her Original
         Proof of identity e Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), Smart National
        Identity Card (SNIC) or Pakistan Origin Card (POC).
  15.  Activation of Asaan  Account  is therefor subject to complition  of  all
         formalities/requirements as prescribed under Instruction Circular No 133/2015 dated
         October 15 2015 on the sub)oct 'NEW SAVING AND CURRENT ACCOUNT- NBP
          ASAAN ACCOUNT'
  16.  The delivery of cheque book will be made if same has already received otherwise
          Branch should contact the Account holder (on h s/her given contact numbers) upon
          receiving the same. at a later stage.
 17.  Accounts That have not been activated by one reason o another. shall be reported to
          M/o. IPC by the PMYTS Support leam of Payment Services & c-Banking Division on
          monthly basis.
  18.  In case any such account remains unactivated beyond 2 months, t will be closed
         down by PMYTS Support team of Payment Services & e-Banking Division under
           intimation to M/o IPC.

But Problem is that some interns having their Account Number problems. Mostly interns have a Major problem that is called NBP Account Number. So Attention Please.

  1.    Go to your Nearest NBP (National Bank of Pakistan) Branch.
  2.    If you not receive any sms or email from NBP or PMYTS about Account Number so please tell them.
  3. After this Request to NBP Officer Like Account Opener Person for Your Own manually Account.
  4. When Your Account is open by creating Manually get Your Account Number.
  5. Now Call Your Focal Person and Also tell them to your New Account.
  6. Focal Person ( Mentioned Below Your Profile status on your web portal)
  7. The Next Step is call to NBP Karachi Head Quarter for Complete Registration and Approval of your Account.
  8. After above Procedure you will be received Your Account Number Approval and Replacement to Your Stipend Account Number within 5 to 7 working days.
  9. Now You Can get Your monthly Stipend
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