How to Get Stipend from NBP to Your ATM Card Process Flow Chart

How to Get Stipend from NBP to Your ATM Card Process Flow Chart

Stipend Disbursement

In order to manage  disbursement of monthly stipend to training program beneficiaries
through credit of their  Assan Accounts, the M/o IPC has already opened Assignment
account 123456-7 titled  Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme with NBP Main Branch
Islamabad  ( Branch Code  0341). The given Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has
been devised to administer disbursement of monthly stipends:

   1.  On or before 26'" of every month, the M/o IPC, NIP di deliver the Cheque for
        appropriation from Assignment Account to Mam Branch Islamabad along with
        disbursement lie in excel format containing account number  of eligible
        Students/intense to whom st spend is payable.
   2.  Upon receipt of instructions from PMYTS Support team of Payment Service  & e-
        Banking Division / IPC, NIP. Main Branch Islamabad will process the
        disbursement file through standard Salary Posting Utility and share the log report
        with PS & e-Banking Division Support team at CRBG. Head Office.
   3.  As s result of given activity. this system will debit The Assignment Account and will
        credit the beneficiaries account.
   4.  PS & e-Banking Division Support team will share the same with M/o. IPC for their
        record purpose and as a confirmation that payments have been made to eligible
        students / Internees.


For easy understanding of the workflow, end steps involved in completing account opening
and disbursement transaction, the supporting Process Flow Diagram are annexed to this
Circle as Annexure  A & B.

Flow Chart for Understanding Completely Process.

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