How To Find All Blogger Templates Images URL Easily with Gmail

What Is Template Image URL ?

All Blogger or any other Templates having some Images which are used to your Website Shining. When a Template Install on any Blogger Blog has built in Images Provided by Template Author. Images like as Header, Navbar, Sidebar, Footer or Author Profile Image etc.

Common Mistakes by Authors.

Fifty Percent New ( Blogger ) forget Customization of Downloaded Blogger Templates. When a Blogger Blog Holder download a Theme or Templates for own Web Page from template Resources websites, and  after installing of a downloaded template on own Blog, They are not found easily URL's of Customizable Images. In this case, when he Publish your Blog, the previous Author data will be Shown on her blog.This type of Mistakes Decrease Your Blog  Rank, Visitor and Google Analytic Impressions.So Avoid these types of mistakes for better result of your website.

How Can Solve This type of Problems ?

I Think all Pro Blogger know that how can solve this types of problems, Maybe know much better than me butt, not all know how is work. In Blogger World many other Interesting Tricks and Tips to Find URL. Those Tricks and Topics Help you that how to Promote Your Website or Blogger Blogs. In this Post, I have an Idea which is used to Find All Templates URLs is Much Easier with Gmail Account. So Follow below Instructions to find the Template URLs.


How To Grab A URL Links?
  1. First of all Download a free Template from Template Resources Website. Example: Templates or Blogger Templates.
  2. After Downloading Extract Zip File With 7Zip or Winrar Software.
  3. Extracting Tools free Download Just Click on highlight Words 7ZIP or WinRar.
  4. Install on your Pc and Extract Template zip File with extracting Tools and Save on Desktop.
  5. Now Open Windows Notepad ==>File>>Open>>Desktop>> Your Template In .XML format.
  6. Select All XML data with Short key Ctrl + A and Copy With Ctrl + C.
  7. Now You are 60 % Done Your Work.
  8. Open your Browser and type in Url box is Mail.Google.Com.
  9. Login to your Google Account.
  10. After Loading your Inbox Click on Compose Button.
  11. Shown as below Image.

   12.  When compose popup open you will see Three Box.

  •  To : Here You can type your own Gmail Account ID
  •  Subject : write your subject here for Example  My XML Template 
  • Message Area: You Can type in this field Every Topic but now you Paste Your Notepad copied Data by pressing Key Board Short Key Ctrl + V or Right Click on Empty Area of Compose Message and hit on Paste.
  13.  Now Just Click on Send Button
  14.  When you see Your Message has been sent ( View Message)
  15.  Quickly click on View Message
  16.  when your Message Totally opened You can See All URLs of your Given Template.
  17.  Also, view Images URLs are used in template Highlighted with Blue Color.
  18.  You Can Find Easily All Images URLs  with Image Format Exp:
  19.  In above Url .JPG is known as Image Format. also  .PNG and .GIF used as Image Format.
  20.  Shown Below Image to Better Understanding:
All done Now You Can Find easily Your Customizable Image and Edit with Your Favorite Image Editor Tools and Upload Image as Own Created.
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